Emergency Drought Relief Packages

There are numerous drought relief packages being provided by the Government, charities and various authorities which aim to assist those affected by the drought. Below are links to a selection of relief packages being offered to people in NSW and/or nationwide.


Step up in Drought Budget Support 

Fodder Storage Assets - Immediate Tax Write-Off

Farm Household Allowance (FHA)

Emergency Drought Relief

The Department of Primary Industries (NSW)

Regional Investment  Corporation (RIC)

Need help choosing the right loan? Click here for a tool provided by the Rural Assistance Authority to help you choose the right loan.

Contact your local Rural Financial Councillor for more information on these drought relief packages being offered or if you need help on choosing the right one for you. 


Registered Charities

Use these to register for donated fodder or funds.

CWA  PH: 8337 0200 

Need for feed  PH: 0459 444 111

Buy A Bale  PH: 1300 327 624 or 07 3054 5979

Drought Angels  PH: 0409 48 414 or 0447 129 681