Smarter Valuations


Maximise the valuation of your business and establish financial independence with our NOW – WHERE – HOW process.

Simple yet versatile, NOW – WHERE – HOW enables us to cost effectively value small and medium-sized businesses and guide towards greater success.



Lba covers all areas of reason behind a valuation, including:

  • Buying / selling a business
  • Succession Planning
  • ATO induced - audit, capital gains concessions & compliance
  • Entry of new stakeholders / Exit of existing
  • Estate planning
  • Bank / Lender appraisals 
  • Family law property matters
  • Economic loss assessments

The following testimonial was provided by one of many lawyers that Lba has assisted -

"I recently requested Wayne Lockhart to provide an expert opinion in relation to a particularly complex family law property matter.   Wayne's assistance in this matter was  extremely professional and his commitment to achieving a challenging deadline was greatly appreciated.   The matter was settled by mediation, however I believe this was largely possible  due to  the expert opinion provided by Wayne Lockhart.  I highly recommend Wayne's professional services." 
- Annie Sievers, Solicitor & FDRP. December 2016. 

Choose the depth of experience at LOCKHART business advisors – Chartered Accountants – fixed price fully compliant (APES 225) valuation services for small and medium enterprises.