LOCKHART Business Advisors care about the prosperity of your business. This is why we developed a special way of measuring prosperity and having better financial conversations around this subject; it is called Finverso

Keeping a watchful eye on cash flows, break-even, return on investment, solvency and business valuation is important and Finverso recognises this - and more!

Finverso provides an easy to understand calculated valuation of your business along with a strategic plan template to implement key tactics to help you build a better business. Finverso is the most practical tool for linking financial reports with effective business planning conversations.

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"My first impression after reviewing Finverso... WOW!!! I can't wait to introduce to our accounting network. The depth of analysis provided by the software is extremely impressive. Depending on your needs with clients, you can provide a 'simple overview' of a business or drill down into 'deep analysis'. Using this software in your next client meetings will lead to better decision making for business owners and increase your value as a trusted advisor. If your role as a business advisor is to help clients grow their business and their net wealth, then this software is for you.
Colin Simkin
CEO, ATL Network