Advisory Solutions

Lba is a highly respected and trusted business advisory firm. Our reputation has evolved due to our ability to:

  • Leverage our expertise by involving you in our processes whenever possible
  • Coach by less doing and more motivating, guiding and influencing
  • Not just report on your numbers – we explain and translate your financial story so that you can understand and follow
  • Navigate multiple answers when alternatives do exist
  • Help you protect not just the value of your business but also help you to create additional value
  • Understand the importance of values and ethics

Change Success

How to boost your business' probability of achieving a successful change initiative. Change is unavoidable for a business to grow, to respond to customer needs and address the evolving competitive landscape. But change for organisations can often be a challenge. Typically only 30% of change projects succeed so imagine the savings in time, profit, growth and energy if you could boost that figure to 70%.

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Change Success Diagnostic

Lockharts has now released a special Change Success diagnostic that will assist you in just 5 minutes to determine your probability for successful change in regard to a specific initiative. Click the below link to access the diagnostic and follow 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Enter your details (so you can be sent a report of your outcomes)

Step 2. Answer 30 simple questions about your business questions using a -5 to +5 scale

Step 3. Click 'Reveal my results' to view your results and be emailed a report highlighting your score and areas to improve

Next Steps

After you have completed the Change Success diagnostic we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your results with you personally. During this brief call or coffee meeting we will identify the key areas for improvement and discuss strategies to boost your probability of change success.

We trust you will find this Change Success diagnostic valuable



How to cut through in a cluttered market and accelerate growth in your business. Uncovering the growth strategies to cut through is a key component of our business. By reviewing your target markets, current performance, product strategies, competitors, pricing and much more we will facilitate a process to develop practical strategies that will set you on a clear path to achieving, and hopefully exceeding your growth targets.

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Profit Improvement

How to improve the profitability by removing up to 30% of inefficiency (waste) that occurs every day. Lba specialises in identifying the underlying causes of poor profit performance and peeling back the inefficiencies undermining your profitability. We both identify wasteful practises and missed opportunities in your organisation and arm you with minimisation strategies to optimise your profitability.

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Problem Solving

How to make more robust decisions, rank the priority of key issues and take a strategy into action. 

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Sales Performance


Leverage the tools and methodologies from the Banjar Group to gain insights into the art of selling and improving the sales skills of anybody selling products or services.

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Strategic Planning

How to clarify your business vision, competitive advantage and action strategies in a one page plan. Today's environment of constant change, volatility and competitive pressure demands a robust and ever-evolving strategic plan focused on delivering successful outcomes. Each plan needs to be a 'living and breathing' document guiding future direction and providing clarity to key strategies and actions. If you're tired of 'ground hog' years where little to no change occurs, engage with us to implement a strategic plan to accelerate your growth and profit objectives.

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