Advisory Solutions

LOCKHART Business Advisors is a highly respected and trusted business advisory firm in Tamworth and across Australia. Our reputation has evolved due to our ability to:

  • Protect, monitor and enhance the value of your business.

  • Understand the importance of values and ethics.

  • Consistently involve you in our processes.

  • Provide business coaching that aims to influence, guide and motivate.

  • Analyse financial and non-financial information from your business and explain it in a way that you can understand and benefit from.

  • Explore every avenue and navigate all possible solutions for your business's unique challenges.

  • Provide access to financial calculators, tools and resources to support your needs.

Change Success

Boost your business's probability of achieving successful change with LOCKHART Business Advisors. The team at LOCKHARTS understand that making changes that are necessary for business growth can be challenging. In order to improve your likelihood for success, LOCKHARTS offers guidance to ensure clients can respond to customer needs and change to suit the competitive landscape. 

Change Success Diagnostic
LOCKHART 5 Minute Change Success Diagnostic

LOCKHART Business Advisors offers a simple three-step Change Success Diagnostic, which can determine the probability of successful change with regard to a specific initiative within your business.

Upon completion of the Change Success Diagnostic, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your results with you personally. Together we can identify key areas for improvement and identify strategies to boost the future success of your business.

Find the Change Success Diagnostic here:


Practical Growth Strategies 

Introducing key growth strategies is a fundamental component of LOCKHART Business Advisors' services. By reviewing your target markets, current performance, product strategies, competitors, pricing and much more, we can develop practical strategies to set you on the path to achieving - and often exceeding - your growth targets.

Learn how to cut through a cluttered market and accelerate growth in your business. Find out more about Growth Strategy, or get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Profit Improvement

Unearth the inefficiencies undermining your profitability


LOCKHART Business Advisors can help you eliminate wasteful practices and missed opportunities,  highlight the inefficiencies that may be undermining your profitability, and target the underlying cause of poor profit performance through specific strategies.

Our professional team use a client-focused approach in all services, ensuring you receive solutions that are tailored to your business needs and circumstances. Find out more about Profit Improvement or contact our team.

Problem Solving

Team coming together to solve a problem

The ability to make decisions and find solutions in a timely manner is a key part of business management. LOCKHART Business Advisors can teach you how to prioritise key issues, make robust business decisions, and turn strategy into action to achieve future success.

Contact our team to learn more about business solutions and problem solving. We can provide advice and services suited to your specific situation.

Sales Performance

Improve sales performance and business growth


Improve your business's sales performance with LOCKHART Business Advisors. Our highly experienced team can help you gain insight into the art of selling products and services, learn how to leverage important business tools, and accelerate your sales skills.

Contact us to find out more about the sales process, setting goals, creating demand and building customer profiles.

Strategic Planning

Build a solid, adaptable strategic plan

Get an edge on your competitors with a robust, ever-evolving strategic plan. LOCKHART Business Advisors can help you build a strategy that focuses on accelerating your growth and profit objectives, and provide clear direction into the future. In a volatile and competitive marketplace, you will find that planning for change and consistently evolving to suit the modern business environment will bring positive and powerful implications for business success.

Find our more about Strategic Planning here.

Or call us to have a chat with Wayne about your business advisory needs.