Business Valuations & Forensic

Smarter Valuations


Maximise the valuation of your business and establish financial independence with our NOW – WHERE – HOW process.

Simple yet versatile, NOW – WHERE – HOW enables us to cost effectively value small and medium-sized businesses and guide towards greater success.



Lba covers all areas of reason behind a valuation, including:

  • Buying / selling a business
  • Succession Planning
  • ATO induced - audit, capital gains concessions & compliance
  • Entry of new stakeholders / Exit of existing
  • Estate planning
  • Bank / Lender appraisals 
  • Family law property matters
  • Economic loss assessments

The following testimonial was provided by one of many lawyers that Lba has assisted -

"I recently requested Wayne Lockhart to provide an expert opinion in relation to a particularly complex family law property matter.   Wayne's assistance in this matter was  extremely professional and his commitment to achieving a challenging deadline was greatly appreciated.   The matter was settled by mediation, however I believe this was largely possible  due to  the expert opinion provided by Wayne Lockhart.  I highly recommend Wayne's professional services." 
- Annie Sievers, Solicitor & FDRP. December 2016. 

Choose the depth of experience at LOCKHART business advisors – Chartered Accountants – fixed price fully compliant (APES 225) valuation services for small and medium enterprises.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is the use of accounting techniques to assess the financial implications of legal disputes. LOCKHART business advisors provides accurate, timely advice, imperative in a dispute over money.

With our intervention, alongside assistance from your legal advisors, disputes can often be settled without going to Court. In the event of Court, Lba can act as an expert witness and provide necessary documentation for your case. Our forensic accounting specialist possesses a sound understanding of legal concepts and procedures and has years of relevant experience. 


Whatever your Forensic Accounting needs, choose the depth of experience at LOCKHART Business Advisors – Chartered Accountants - fixed price fully compliant (APES 215) forensic accounting services for small and medium enterprises.