Business Valuations & Forensic

Obtaining accurate valuation and forensics advice is integral to your ability to make investment and financing decisions that are right for your business. Our valuations and forensic accounting services enable us to help clients around Australia determine the value of their businesses and receive reliable, independent advice.

Smarter Valuations

LOCKHART Business Advisors can analyse and value your small or medium-sized business, and guide you towards greater success. We can provide business valuations for a range of contexts, including:

  • Buying or selling a business

  • Succession planning

  • ATO induced audit, capital gains concession and compliance

  • Entry of new stakeholders or exit of existing stakeholders

  • Estate planning

  • Bank or lender appraisals

  • Family law property matters

  • Economic loss assessments


Make improvements with innovative business valuations

Here's what one of our clients had to say:

"I recently requested Wayne Lockhart to provide an expert opinion in relation to a particularly complex family law property matter. Wayne's assistance in this matter was extremely professional and his commitment to achieving a challenging deadline was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Wayne's professional services."

- Annie Sievers, Solicitor & FDRP, December 2016

Forensic Accounting

 LOCKHART Business Advisors Forensic Accounting

Quality forensic accounting is essential in assessing the financial implications of legal disputes such as personal injury, professional negligence or commercial litigation. In any of these circumstances, LOCKHART Business Advisors can provide accurate, timely advice to help you reach a successful outcome.

With our intervention, alongside assistance from your legal advisors, disputes can often be settled outside of court. In the event of court, LOCKHARTS can act as an expert witness and provide necessary documentation for your case. Our forensic accounting specialists are highly experienced and possess a sound understanding of legal concepts, court procedures, and financial expertise.

LOCKHART Business Advisors can assist you with any of your business valuation or forensic accounting needs. Our clients can trust that our depth of experience, our business intelligence, and our client-focused approach will work in collaboration to achieve the best result.

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