Our Purpose

LOCKHART Business Advisors' purpose is to be the trusted advisor of choice when a client wishes to enhance their prosperity. We do this by combining wisdom with business intelligence and innovative technology across 4 distinct areas of capability. These are Advisory, Taxation, Business Valuation and Forensic Services.

Our Values

LOCKHART Business Advisors' values are based upon excellence in client care which is found in every aspect of our firm's operation. We commit to providing you with friendly, courteous, prompt and efficient service at all times from all team members. You are respected, for you are more than a client, you are our immediate future and the sole reason for our business continuance. We will never lose sight of our ultimate goal: "communicating the path to financial security".

Our business is conducted with absolute honesty and integrity. We honour all of our commitments and obligations and we are openly accessible at all times. We also welcome your comments, suggestions, praise and criticisms.

We foster and uphold a culture of excellence whereby near enough is not good enough. There is always something new to learn so our minds are always open to embrace new ideas and we are always seeking new ways to provide better outcomes for our clients. We are developing products from which to provide new services to enhance the financial prosperity of our clients. We strive to eliminate waste wherever it can be identified. This drives down costs and also contributes to being environmentally friendly.

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